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I have curled up with many books over the years. Once dusty tomes, these books are now bits and bytes on digital readers or on my computer screen. No matter what the form, books are a part of my life.

Scary stories for young Star Wars fans

Eaten Alive (Star Wars: Galaxy of Fear, Book 1) - John Whitman City of the Dead - John Whitman Planet Plague - John Whitman The Nightmare Machine - John Whitman

Summer is a time of campfires, sleepovers, and scary stories shared among friends. This series, a late '90s throwback, injects the feeling of scary summer nights into the world of Star Wars.


I haven't read this series in years--years!--but I have fond memories of paging through the books and loving the cameos of Luke and the Rebellion even with the original characters introduced in the Galaxy of Fear books.


Each book has a scary-movie plot with evil in plain sight. Even reading the books as an adult, I found the books well-constructed. They weren't penned by the Bard, but they're fun.


It was these books that got me to branch off into the Young Jedi Knights series, which I read at summer camp, and then some of the later Extended Universe books.


Like with Goosebumps and other scary kid's lit, a lot of books ended in a cliffhanger or with some ridiculous non sequitur. But that was part of the charm!